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Cash Nexus - The History Of The Ketchup Bear Download

Performer: Cash Nexus
Genre: Rock / Pop
Title: The History Of The Ketchup Bear
Country: US
Released: 1992
Label: Anthropology
Catalog Number: ANT029
MP3 version ZIP size: 2642 mb
FLAC version ZIP size: 1889 mb
Rating: 4.5
Votes: 594


1Electric B'Jesus And The Livin' Bass BandRed Thick
2The Bearlian OrchestraThe Mansion Revisited
3Mistaken IdentityPurina Baby
4The Ketchup Bears, LeadbellyAin't It A Shame
5Cash NexusSharon (I Need Water)
6The Enrico Table String EnsembleLay Awake And Dream
7 The History Of The Ketchup Bear Vol. II
8Cash Nexus, Joel HuschleTelephone Girl's Voice
9Cash NexusTo Dance (As If We Were Dancing)
10Cash NexusTV Audition
11The Ketchup BearsThis Is Heaven
12W/ATE/RDance Of The Melancholy Abalone
13Cash NexusObsession
14The Bearlian OrchestraThe Cat's Demise
15The Ketchup BearsRat Head
16Cash NexusI Get So Sick Of Christmas
17Experiments In DentistryOne/Eno
18The Ketchup BearsBotta
19The Ketchup BearsThis Is All We Earn
20Cash NexsThings I Want
21Cash NexusFeatherbed
22Cash NexusA Forgotten Memory
23Cash NexusLove Choo Choo
24Cash NexusAFSA
25Cash NexusJ'aime
26Experiments In DentistryOne/Eno(Intro)
27Cash NexusSue's Big Hair
28The Ketchup BearsWalk Away Blind Lee
29Bipartisan CompactPleasure Hutch
30Experiments In DentistryThe Pixley Variations
31The Ketchup BearsJon The Cow
32Cash NexusIt Doesn't Matter Today
33Cash NexusDiamond
34Cash NexusKitty Bop (Potion Called Love)
35Cash NexusBecause I Love You
36The Ketchup BearsTen Foot Woman
37Cash Nexus(Can You) Sea;
38W/ATE/RPool Of Kings
39Kapreacon FalloutThe Three Fingered Laugh
40 The History Of The Ketchup Bear Vol. I
41Cash Nexus, The Wckr Spgt BandWiggly
42The Bearlian OrchestraRequiem
43Cash NexusNothing To Write Home About, Really
44Bipartisan CompactLet's Go Steal A Stationwagon
45GodseyeJump Right Back
46The Ketchup BearsJustice
47Cash NexusTeleviceration
48The Enrico Table String EnsembleThe River Unfolds


Vol I. Notes
Produced by Cash Nexus
This compilation remixed and mastered by Cash Nexus and Ayrne Bardge at Whirlwind. December 1992.

Thanks to Larry Ramirez, Dave Carpenter, John Darnielle, Wckr Spgt, Enrico Table, Sharon, Joel Huschle, Peter Hughes and the staffs of Sonic Enemy and Anthropology Records.

© Nexus Tensile Musick. All Rights Reserved.

Vol. II notes

Produced by Cash Nexus
This compilation remixed and mastered by Cash Nexus and Ayrne Bardge at Whirlwind. December 1992.

Thanks to Ian Crosstown, Papa Bob Jones, Jim Banwell, Wckr Spgt, Surtis, Waddington, B'Jesus, Nutzliche Ausdrucke, John Darnielle, Peter Hughes, and the staff of Anthropology Records.

©1992 Nexus Tensile Musick. All Rights Reserved.


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